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Certified seed is an imporant part of our operation at Salazar Farms. We produce 480 acres of potatoes each season in the isolation of the southern San Luis Valley with close adherance to the strict guidelines set forth for Colorado certified seed potato production.

Salazar Seed Potatoes

Salazar Potatoes Salazar Farms produces Colorado Certified Seed Potatoes at the Colorado Field Generation 1 through 4 levels. The farm produces seed both for other seed growers and for commercial Salazar Potatoes potato growers. A number of varieties are grown on the farm; among these are Russet, yellow skin-yellow flesh, red skin-white flesh, red skin-yellow flesh, and also some specialty varieties.

The high altitude of the San Luis Valley along with the isolation of Salazar Farms from other potato growing areas of Colorado provide an ideal environment for raising disease-free seed. An integrated pest management program which includes detailed insect, weed, and disease monitoring is conducted with the assistance of Agro Engineering plant protection specialists. The soils on the farm are tested yearly for presence of nematodes and Scab along with other tests required by states or countries where the seed is destined to go. The use of trap crops and rotation of fields between alfalfa, small grains, potatoes and green manure or disease suppressing crops provide sustainability to the seed operations.

The main varieties grown on the farm at the current time are as follows:

Russet type

  • Norkotah-Colorado 3
  • Norkotah-Colorado 8
  • Norkotah-Texas 296
  • Norkotah-Texas 278
  • Canela
  • Reveille
  • Pacific

Yellow Skin-Yellow Flesh

  • Satina
  • Soraya
  • Actrice

Red Skin-White Flesh

  • Modoc
  • Ciklamen
  • Fenway

Red Skin-Yellow Flesh

  • Mozart


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Salazar Potatoes
Salazar Potatoes
Salazar Potatoes

*For growing tips on many varieties, visit the Colorado Certified Potato Growers Association website at

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